OriginalDeadline Management

Deadline Management

  • 25 min

What are the key steps when planning a project? That’s what we are going to see here. You will learn about work packages and how to get an activity list from it. You will discover how to assess necessary resources and time for each activity of the project. As for the network diagram, it will reveal all its secrets and you will finally understand why you need to create a critical path for a project. Ready, set, go!


Sie können:

  • Recognising and describing the different planning stages: from defining activities to mastering the timetable
  • Kapitel:

    • The stages of planning

    Sie können:

  • Know how to break up a work package and produce a list of activities
  • Understand how to organise activities sequentially
  • Formalise the project network diagram
  • Estimating the resources needed and the duration of activities
  • Understand development and mastery of the timetable
  • Kapitel:

    • Defining activities and organising them sequentially
    • Create and master the timetable
    • Estimating resources and the duration of activities

    Sie können:

  • Determine and formalise the critical path
  • Kapitel:

    • Determine the critical path
    Deadline Management

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