OriginalLife Insurance Management and Taxes

Life Insurance Management and Taxes

  • 60 min


The tax system of life insurance will have no secret for you anymore! Do you need some money from time to time? Or do you need additional income, while you work or to build towards retirement? You want to get some money to your family, or friends? Every situation has its own set of specific rules, easy to understand and remember. So let’s get to it!


Sie können:

  • Master the tax system of withdrawals and transmission
  • Understand the difference between euro and unit-linked funds
  • Kapitel:

    • The tax system for life insurance
    • Euro and unit-linked funds

    Sie können:

  • Master all the details of withdrawal taxes
  • Choose the right advance or withdrawal for you
  • Understand the taxation of transmission
  • Kapitel:

    • How are money withdrawal taxed?
    • Tax benefits in case of death

    Sie können:

  • Choose how to allocate your assets
  • Determine your risk profile
  • Compare the performances of life insurance contracts
  • Kapitel:

    • Asset allocation and risk profiles
    • What are Linxea’s advantages?
    Life Insurance Management and Taxes

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