OriginalMonitoring, Managing and Closing the Project

Monitoring, Managing and Closing the Project

  • 40 min

You are the captain of your project, and to stay on course, it is vital to follow your itinerary and communicate with all the members of your crew. No need for maps, sextants or compasses, a project manager must always be prepared, to ensure the success of his project and cross the finish line as a winner. In the following modules, you will find invaluable information, advice, tools and techniques to meet all the challenges, even in rough seas!


Sie können:

  • Understand the importance of project monitoring and control
  • Know the key indicators and reporting to be put in place
  • Handle detected discrepancies effectively
  • Kapitel:

    • Advance in the project

    Sie können:

  • Be familiar with the role and the operation of different project committees
  • Prepare, lead and close a meeting effectively
  • Understand the importance of efficient reporting and communication
  • Kapitel:

    • Lead a meeting effectively
    • Reporting and external communication to the team
    • The different type of project committees

    Sie können:

  • Master the method of physical progress and earned value management for measuring the progress and the performance of a project
  • Pass the relay to the operational actors efficiently
  • Understand the importance of an end-of-project capitalisation
  • Close the project in a positive and friendly way
  • Kapitel:

    • Earned value
    • Physical progress and earned value
    • Close and capitalise on a project
    Monitoring, Managing and Closing the Project

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