OriginalRisk Management

Risk Management

  • 30 min

Even though we can’t predict the future, we can anticipate the risks of a project. What should be done to avoid them? Anticipate? Predict? But how? In this course, no crystal ball… but a practical approach, efficient and tested, to manage risks associated with a project. So don’t wait any longer and get started on the first module!


Sie können:

  • Master the concept of risk
  • Understand the importance of anticipation
  • Learn about the typology of risks at Société Générale
  • Kapitel:

    • Typology of risks
    • Definition of risk

    Sie können:

  • Know and understand the 4 steps of risk management
  • Understand how to correctly perform risk identification
  • Kapitel:

    • Identification of risks
    • The 4 steps of risk management

    Sie können:

  • Prioritise risks and create the criticality matrix
  • Know the 4 major types of responses to treatment of negative risks
  • Identify the 2 responses to take advantage of the opportunities presented by positive risks
  • Kapitel:

    • Analysis of risks
    • Reduction and monitoring of risks
    Risk Management

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