What skills should you develop as a Learning & Development professional?

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3 years ago

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To prepare employees for the world of tomorrow, the Coorpacademy team is always on the lookout for the latest skills to develop. In order to offer relevant training content, our teams are made up of diverse talents who are always highly motivated by the idea of transmitting. Because our objective is to meet the expectations of learners and make them want to learn, like all learning managers in the world, we mobilise certain skills in our teams to guarantee the best learning experience.


But what skills do our teams need to develop in order to best meet learners’ expectations?


Learning to learn

Our team of educational engineers is responsible for creating the courses in the Coorpacademy premium content catalogue. Therefore, our team has to learn continuously, to provide content adapted to each theme and to enrich the courses to be updated. By enriching their knowledge on a daily basis, our teams are also more aware of the specificities and constraints of effective learning, in order to propose the best pedagogy for the content in question. By improving our ability to learn, we also understand the mechanisms of learning. How is our brain predisposed to learn? What are the keys to successful learning? By developing this skill, our teams are ready to provide effective learning content that is tailored to the workings of the brain! Then… If we are not able to learn to learn as learning professionals, who will?

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Adaptation is a watchword within our teams, because learning is a challenge for every company, regardless of its size or sector of activity. Therefore, our teams cultivate their adaptability on a daily basis by working in collaboration with our clients’ business experts on the development of tailor-made courses. We make it a point of honour to adapt to each type of knowledge, each type of environment and each content objective. In addition, our courses are based on the principle of reversed pedagogy. This approach, which aims to engage our learners in their learning, requires our teams to be very adaptable, as we have to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who is new to a subject. When writing course questions, our teams make every effort to adapt the discourse to each target and each level of difficulty. Adapting also means having the ability to master several subjects at the same time. By working on both courses on digital culture in business and on themes related to cultural or ecological transformation, our teams develop an extraordinary level of adaptation.


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Test Your Adaptability

User orientation

Because as a Learning & Development professional we want to offer the best learning experience, we need to think about our content, and the way we deliver it, for the user. The learning experience is crucial to engaging learners and making training effective. So all of our teams are working to continually improve the UX (user experience) of our platforms and the way courses are delivered. And because we want our learners to have fun learning, we also develop pedagogical innovations such as the interactive series Suspects or the Cybercafé podcast series. The learning experience is then fun and engaging, so that the training has a real impact and our users integrate the training into their daily lives!


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The user experience


Digital culture

In order to build the best online training experience, our teams develop a continuous digital culture. As well as being useful for using different digital tools on a daily basis, this skill is essential for developing your online reputation and communicating with as many people as possible. Therefore, we develop our digital dexterity on a daily basis, by developing our courses but also by talking to you on social networks! By the way, are you already following us on Linkedin?


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Marketing and online advertising


Finally, working as a Learning & Development professional means developing one’s own skills on an ongoing basis, to enable our learners’ skills to grow. And promoting a learning culture within companies means considering each learner, their expectations, their needs and their potential to transform the company.

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The Learning Organization

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