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2 years ago

Learning Innovation

Today, we are proud to celebrate the commitment of the learners of the Learning Lab, Faurecia’s training platform! Since 2016, learners have spent over 1 million hours training through the Coorpacademy premium content catalogue.

Behind these 1,000,000 hours of training are:

🔥 90,402 connected users

🚀 30 million questions answered

🤯 461 MOOCs published

🙌 A motivated HR team invested in the skills development of its employees!


Since its launch, the Coorpacademy “Learning Lab” platform has been a real tool to engage all employees in the company’s strategic transformation. With more than 90,000 active learners, Faurecia integrates digital learning into the daily lives of its employees, so that they learn continuously.

For the past four years, our team of Customer Success Managers and our educational engineers have been working with Faurecia to create customised courses to acculturate and train employees in subjects that meet the challenges of the business and the transformation. A rhythmic communication system has also been put in place to promote the content made available, through games and competitions based on the platform’s gaming tools.


The result? 1,000,000 hours of training and employees who are agents of change. 


To find out more about the origins of this success, read the Faurecia case study.


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