Coorpacademy awarded as «SEF.HIGH-POTENTIAL» by the Swiss Economic Forum

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4 years ago


Swiss Economic Forum’s experts recognise the great growth potential of Coorpacademy and have awarded the company the “SEF.High Potential SME” seal of quality.

The swiss Economic Forum awards the SEF.High-Potential quality label to SMEs with proven growth potential that is reviewed in a three-step process by an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and other experts. The SEF qualification process is qualitatively demanding and certified by the SQS.

Full statement :

3 questions to Jean-Marc Tassetto, Coorpacademy’s CEO & Co-Founder

How do you feel being rewarded? All the team is very happy about it. This is a great recognition that supports our ambition to become the strategic corporate digital learning partner of choice for large and medium companies in Switzerland and beyond. Among all our awards, this SEF.High-Potential SME label is a milestone achievement for us. Switzerland has already been named the most innovative country in the world and Coorpacademy is proud to thrive in this top-level ecosystem.

Is there already a gain for you out of the SEF4KMU process ? Any take-aways for you? The SEF4KMU process includes discussion with board of experienced entrepreneurs and domain experts. We received high valuable insights and feedbacks that confirm our profitable growth strategy. 

What are your main goals as a company and a team in the next 12 months while carrying the SEF4KMU Label? Any expectations at SEF? This award fits our ambition to become the thought leader of Digital Learning in Europe. We will continue to provide hyper-individualized corporate learning experience to boost learners engagement rates and deliver the company tagline: that users “Enjoy Learning!” thanks to our coming innovations.  Be part of the Swiss Economic Forum ecosystem is also a great networking opportunity for us.


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