Coorpacademy trained 20,000 medical professionals and caregivers in 2 weeks during the COVID-19 outbreak

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This article has been published in Les Echos, an economic French newspaper, and has been written by Déborah Loye. You can find it here in its original version.

Coorpacademy trained 20,000 medical professionals and caregivers in 2 weeks during the COVID-19 outbreak

The startup specialized in online training for large corporations launched a pro bono platform for medical professionals and caregivers. In particular, they can train in resuscitation processes.


Specialized in online training for large corporations, Coorpacademy, founded in 2013 by the former Google France Managing Director, and which raised 13 million euros, had no intent to position itself in the medical field before the coronavirus outbreak.

Training in resuscitation

Antoine Poincaré, Coorpacademy’s Director of Sales, explains: We only had a small ongoing research project with the AP-HP (Paris Hospitals) before that. The day before the confinement in France, we’ve suggested to them that we could launch a series of online training courses based on Covid-19 recommendations, for their medical staff. They answered positively right away!At this moment, the AP-HP is expecting to call for renforcements for resuscitation in other medical fields, and even in the poll of interns and medical students. The need for skills is urgent.

At Coorpacademy, 15 people are mobilized among the 45 employees, in order to launch the platform and to make it up and running. “We gathered existing videos and shot others, which we keep doing“, Antoine Poincaré indicates. The training material is very practical, and allows medical staff to act fast with resources available. “The platform looks like Netflix, with series of online training courses.

Martin Hirsch is the Managing Director of the AP-HP.

In two weeks, the Coorpacademy platform saw more than 20,000 people signing up. Less than half are nurses, 30 % are doctors, 10 % are midwives and 14 % have other specialties. For Coorpacademy, offering this service, the goal is to make it known by as many people as possible.

For now, people mainly know us thanks to word of mouth, Antoine Poincaré says. The AP-HP wrote a press release about the partnership and Martin Hirsch, its Managing Director, published a tweet praising the initiative. “We think the platform will be particularly helpful for hospitals taking in charge COVID-19 patients“, Antoine Poincaré estimates.

Déborah Loye.

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