It is no longer something simply experimental or only reserved for Silicon Valley start-ups. Encouraged by the evolution of mentalities, technologies and legislation, and accelerated at times of strikes or pandemics, remote working has today become standard practice! Even so, do we always know how to deploy it correctly and improve it? This course offers you an overview of remote working, from its advantages to its limitations, and from its implementation to the best practices to adopt. It is a little toolbox to help you work well remotely, both alone and with others!

We all deserve equal treatment. This sounds simple enough, but unfortunately, there are still regular instances of discrimination and harassment in the work place, and it’s often not as straightforward as one might think. It can be difficult to assess a situation or one’s own conduct. What constitutes discrimination and harassment? How to avoid it and how to react, as a victim or a witness? This course will help you clear all that and promote a fair and equal treatment at work!

Working from home is becoming the new normal. For some employees, it’s a novel experience; others have been working remotely for a while. Nonetheless, it’s still a great challenge for many people. With our home office survival tips, we’ll help you take care of your physical and mental health, as well as protect your data! How can you arrange your workplace to stay healthy and mentally fit? What can help your productivity? And how about information security at home? This course will help you to stay focused and give you valuable information on how to keep your professional and personal lives separate.

In an uncertain and constantly changing world, “learning to learn” has become the essential skill to be able to adapt quickly to changes in one’s profession and to train for the new trades that are emerging. Learning agility can be worked on: by having a better understanding of how your brain works, of good learning practices and by adopting a reflective practice on your experiences, you can become an ace at learning!

5G is the 5th generation of wireless cellular communication technologies, in other words, mobile telephony. But what sets it apart from previous generations? What are its applications and what will it change in our lives? To answer these questions, this course offers you a 5-step walk behind the scenes of 5G, from the operation of its new antennas to the social and environmental issues that its deployment is bound to raise.

When managers catch-up regularly with their staff, the potential for conflict will automatically reduce. When they do encounter conflict, however, they need to be prepared to safely deal with the situation, protecting their fight or flight response, show willingness to help, and encourage rational conversation to diffuse a tense situation. This course explores the early warning signs of conflict and how to deal with conflict when it occurs.

We have entered the era of the Internet of Things: more than 20 billion connected devices are currently in circulation around the world. However, not all connected devices are the same: depending on whether they are designed for general or purely professional use, the Internet of Things covers many very different realities. In this course, you will learn more about how the Internet of Things works and discover some of its contributions to the professional world.

Will this contract really come good? What’s going to happen to my job? Will I be able to work as well from home? We are faced on a daily basis with uncertainties that can deal a real blow to our motivation and self-confidence. In this course, explore the driving forces of motivation and learn how to regain self-confidence in times of crisis, how to stay motivated and motivate others, and how to develop commitment by accepting the fact of being vulnerable.

There are as many ways to initiate a CSR approach as there are companies. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions before starting: everyone can act on their own scale, with varying degrees of impact depending on their sector. In this course, you will discover how 3 very different companies have incorporated CSR into their strategy based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. So, what will your own approach be to make a positive impact on society?

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