Does programming, developing and creating mobile apps without writing a single line of code seem absurd to you? Yet it’s made possible with no-code tools, which are increasingly popular not only in start-ups and SMEs, but also in large companies. Between simplicity, customization and autonomy, take this course to discover the origins and applications of no-code tools and discover some tips for choosing the right tool to meet your needs. Let’s go!

In a work context, having time is one thing, but managing it is another. How can you manage your time at work to be as effective as possible? A number of obstacles can arise, such as work overload and the various demands made on you … Not to mention the unforeseen events you often have to cope with. In this course, you will discover keys to manage your time at work and identify your priorities more effectively. You will learn how to delegate work to be more efficient, optimize your use of certain digital tools, handle the demands made on you by your colleagues and cope with unforeseen events.

In studies, at work and even in our private lives, a feeling of imposture and inadequacy is today recognized as the impostor complex. Almost forty years after the definition of this complex, let’s go back to the origins of this feeling of imposture, discover the keys to managing it and getting rid of it, and learn the mechanisms to get rid of it at the personal and organizational level. Let’s go !

Welcome to season 2 of Trivial Pursuit!
Since the 1980s, Trivial Pursuit has enlivened evenings with friends or family all over the world.
What’s on the menu? Six major themes to test your general knowledge while having fun! History, Geography, Arts and Literature, Science and Nature, Sports and Leisure, and Entertainment.
It’s your turn to play. The dice has just assigned you the Science and Nature category. Ready to take the challenge ?

TRIVIAL PURSUIT, the associated logo, the distinctive design of the game board, trivia cards, game tokens, and scoring wedges are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 1981, 2020 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

Sustainable finance is an answer to the urgent need to make financial models compatible with the challenges of sustainable development. With an increasingly assertive European legal framework, it tryies to reconcile economic performance and positive social and environmental impacts. In this course, you will discover what sustainable finance is, its different tools and the European regulations that govern it.

All organizations aspire to be innovative. Unfortunately, many companies lack both a culture of innovative thinking and the necessary resources to pursue change initiatives. In most cases, the burden of innovation falls on tenured leaders who are already working at capacity. In order to cultivate this style of thinking throughout the organization, leaders must find ways to share the responsibility of developing innovative thinking with their staff. How do leaders mentor an environment of innovation? In this course, you’ll discover which techniques they can use, such as brainstorming or trystorming.

Leading innovation often requires a change of organizational culture, behaviors, and processes. Unless you want to upend your company each time you ask team members to innovate, it’s best to construct a framework that supports their efforts. This structure consists of a standardized process that becomes the norm every time you ask your team to institute change. You will discover that they are more comfortable with innovation if they have an established process to work through. Combining the inherent discomfort of innovating with the predictability of a process is the way to proceed.

It’s easy to forget about and ignore people who are not in the office when you are, or those in different situations.
Because of this, tension can build up, so build relationships across divides and work to resolve issues when you detect them. As well as in-the-office vs remote, ‘in-group’ and ‘out-group’ divisions can occur. Some may feel overlooked by management or that the other group is not sharing that information freely with them.

Incessant demands, communication networks multiplying exponentially, multitasking on a daily basis… As the battle for our attention rages and with work environments constantly changing, it’s not easy to manage to stay focused. This course offers a variety of best practices to put in place to help you re-learn how to concentrate effectively in real-life work situations that are not always very kind on your brain!

Knowing how to listen to people is an essential skill. Listening, in fact, is at the very heart of the human relationship: effective listening contributes to career development, team cohesion, employee motivation, cooperation with others (social partner organizations, suppliers, customers, sponsors, the public…), etc. The exercise, however, is not always easy. Luckily, this course is here to help you improve your listening skills!