Euronews OriginalThe future of work, stay tuned in June


The future of work, stay tuned in June

What are the best ways to adapt smoothly to tomorrow’s world of work, surfing on the wave of the digital revolution? Training continuously so as to be better prepared for the transition; knowing how to work with artificial intelligence as a complementary tool, focusing on the added value of human and social skills; finding ways to attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive professional environment: these are the challenges for tomorrow’s jobs that are developed in this new course with Euronews.

You will be able to :

  • Understanding how industrial production takes technological developments on board
  • Apprehending the role of institutions in the field of adult learning
  • Chapters:

    • Factory 4.0: From Hand to Machine
    • Which Skills for the Jobs of Tomorrow?

    You will be able to :

  • Assessing how AI will impact current work patterns
  • Estimating the extent to which innovation can boost economic growth
  • Understanding the problem of wage inequality in the European Union, particularly in Latvia
  • Chapters:

    • AI at the Service of Human Skills
    • Innovation and Growth in the EU
    • Overcoming Wage Inequality: a Challenge for Europe
    The future of work, stay tuned in June