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Lean Management for all with interactive and fun courses!

What is the add-on

This optional offer gives your learners access to 20 hours of specialized training on Lean Management in addition to the courses already available in the Coorpacademy catalog.

Qu'est-ce que l'add-on

cette offre optionnelle donne à vos apprenants un accès à 20h de formation spécialisée sur le Lean management en plus des cours déjà disponibles au sein du catalogue de Coorpacademy.

The advantages

of the 7-Shapes add-on

Interactive Formats: Lessons + Quizzes + Videos + Challenges

The 1st 100% online Lean school

7-Shapes offers 100% online training, dedicated to Lean Management based on interactive practice.

From beginner to expert

On site, in the factory, or in the offices, Lean training courses are aimed at everyone, from beginners to experts.

Fun and interactive pedagogy

Interactive micro-courses, videos, quizzes, simulations and mini-games: the courses are designed for a quick and concrete application of Lean.

Courses created by industry experts

A perfect knowledge of the field and training courses used and recognized by the specialized actors, in companies and in schools!

Lean, UX et Fun

on the Coorpacademy hub

“We wanted to offer the best user experience and the best content for training in Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing.
7-Shapes’ playful pedagogy combined with its expertise guarantee this.”

Arnauld Mitre, co-founder Coorpacademy

Develop Lean and aim for operational excellence with 7-Shapes' 100% online, engaging and quickly activatable training in your company.

4 training paths

From beginner to expert

1. White Belt Path: Awakening to the main principles of Lean (2h to 4h)

2. Yellow Belt Path: Become an actor in the company’s Lean approach (8h to 12h)

3. Green Belt Path: Managing projects with Lean (15h to 20h)

4. MRP Course: Understanding the MRP methodology and its calculations (2h to 4h)

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