Mandarine Academy

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An add-on to facilitate the adoption of office tools such as Office 365!

What is an add-on

This optional offer gives your learners access to Microsoft 365 training content offered by Mandarine Academy.

Qu'est-ce que l'add-on

Cette offre optionnelle donne à vos apprenants un accès à des contenus de formation Microsoft 365 proposés par Mandarine Academy.

The benefits

of the Mandarine Academy add-on

Each course consists of several resources including video tutorials, webinar replay, use cases.

Facilite the adoption of office automation tools

Mandarine Academy offers more than 5,000 Microsoft training contents and today represents more than 1 million trained users.

Boost the use of Microsoft 365

An add-on covering all the topics of the Office 365 suite with courses ranging from Excel, Powerpoint, Microsoft Teams to PowerBI or Outlook.

Official Microsoft Partner

With 13 years of experience in Microsoft 365 training, Mandarine Academy is recognised as an official Microsoft partner.

Engaging learning content

All courses are available in EN and in FR with voice-over and otherwise are available with subtitles in over 20 languages.

Why train

in office automation tools?

«For more than 15 years now, we have been facing an increase in the presence of digital technology in our daily lives. This digitalization has led to a divide in the population because many people have difficulties with digital technology.

It is called digital illiteracy, which affects 13 million people just in France. »

Mandarine Academy

Boost the adoption of new uses
and accelerate your digital transformation with
Mandarine Academy training

A training solution

100% digital and human

1. Software, theme or business oriented pathways

2. Complete and engaging courses, composed of several complementary resources covering all possible user needs

3. Use case videos to project yourself into everyday situations

4. Step-by-step tutorials to master the features

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