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serie Conducting an investigation for the theft of a patent that can save the Earth.


100% Fiction


Activating and applying various soft skills.


100% Learning


Paris, 2031.

Global warming is more topical than ever… Naturally, the announcement of GreenDynamix was a bombshell: the research centre would have developed a revolutionary fuel. Virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions. A patent that would have been worth millions… But as soon as it was finalised, the formula was stolen and all project files erased. Three people are to be heard in the ongoing investigation.

The case has been assigned to Detective Carl Sanchez, assisted by Alice Postel, an expert in behavioural analysis… Carl Sanchez is a young detective, fresh from grad school, and has just arrived in the criminal police department… He therefore needs to demonstrate his effectiveness! He won’t be alone though: Alice, behind her computer screen, will observe the interrogation room and advise Carl on how to lead the questioning. Using soft skills, of course…

The learner will step into the shoes of Alice Postel and will guide the young detective Carl Sanchez behind tinted glass during the interrogation.

Who said it was easy to interrogate a suspect? Discover the soft skills you will need!



3 suspects to interrogate

1 suspect by episode

If Alice Postel – the learner – advised well Carl Sanchez during the interrogations, using soft skills, it will be easier to convict the guilty suspect…

Use soft skills to identify
the guilty suspect(s) at the end of the
third and last episode.

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