What is the link between soft skills and police investigation? (Article 1 on 3: profiling)

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4 weeks ago

Learning Innovation

  Suspects, the first series 100% fiction and 100% learning, where you’ll play a profiler and use soft skills to find who is guilty, is soon available on all Coorpacademy platforms! Before that, we wanted to look back on some of the most famous police works to identify links between soft skills and investigations. Let’s start by a quick series of questions. Which famous movie profiler hides behind each sentences?  Quote 1 – “When we know who...

Communities are the companies' future!

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1 month ago


  Coorpacademy has co-edited with makesense a new online course on the creation of communities within or for companies. Communities can bring a lot to organizations: they can stimulate innovation, create customer or employees loyalty, spread new work cultures… Lucie Chartouny, Community Builder at makesense and co-founder of the community of the paumé·e·s (lost, in French), gives us insights on her experience in building communities. It seems like the revolution of the collective in corporations...

Coorpacademy gives their learners access to the most complete and qualitative online training catalogue in Europe by partnering with OpenSesame, the global leader in learning content

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2 months ago


  OpenSesame, global leader of digital learning content, and Coorpacademy, EdTech startup offering a Learning Experience Platform adapted to the new learners’ usages, are now partnering. As almost 100% of face-to-face training has been cancelled or postponed this year, investing in online training has became a major stake in these uncertain times. This new offering of exhaustive and premium learning content will allow each employee to upskill and allow each company to better face the...