Are you familiar with the concept of 'Binge Learning'?


2 weeks ago

Learning Innovation

The Coorpacademy Content Team is producing ‘Suspects’, its first fictional series in 3 episodes involving the use of soft skills. After launching the digital Escape Game in 2019 in order for the learner to discover the platform’s features playfully, after having released several immersive courses where the learner dive into – almost – real-life situations to apply his/her newly acquired knowledge, the Content Team decided in 2020 to go a step further in the interactive...

And the Battle became Massive!

Rédaction Blog

4 weeks ago


  The Massive Battle is a new feature we have developed with one of our clients, because we believe in open innovation and we put our clients’ and our learners’ needs at the center of what we are doing everyday. Before jumping into the massive Battle, let’s refresh our memories: What’s a Battle? The Battle is a gaming element on the Coorpacademy platforms. It consists in a challenge with questions to be answered – rightly...

Finally, I got it! I've tried all online learning formats!

Rédaction Blog

1 month ago

Learning Innovation

  I was deep diving into Coorpacademy’s learning statistics used by our R&D Team, looking for figures that would best illustrate how essential it is to offer different formats of courses. When suddenly, an epiphany! Everyone can remember a sudden flash, this brief moment when you finally understand something, thanks to some trigger coming from various places. It can be a simple rewording, an observation in real life, a concrete manipulation (yes to Kapla in...