General terms and conditions

The present conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by the company COORPACADEMY France with a capital of 7700 euros whose registered office is located at 4 bvd Poissonière, 75010 Paris, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 803 608 389 hereinafter referred to as “COORPACADEMY France” and, on the other hand, by any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase via the “COORPACADEMY France” website, hereinafter referred to as “the buyer”.


Service activation

  • The Subscription to the Coorpacademy SAAS Platform is activated the first month of contact with Coorpacademy (Activation Start Date) (kick-off meeting, access to learning platform, access to content authoring tool etc.) OR a maximum of 30 business days after the quote signature (Customer Acceptane Date).
  • The Subscription grants access to a Learning Platform with the Coorpacademy’s catalogue of learning modules, and the content authoring tool.

Commitment conditions

  • The Subscription to The Coopacademy SAAS Platform is without obligation. In case of a contract breach, Coopacademy must be informed, in writing, 4 months prior to end of contract. Clients will be charged for each month begun.

Subscription fee

  • The Subscription fee is linked to the number of accounts activated (or Unique Connected Users) since platform launch.
  • Only activated accounts are billed by Coorpacademy. An account remains active until you deactivate it (from the platform). Deactivated accounts will then be removed from the overall total invoice the following month. Deactivating an account is definitive, associated data are archived on the platform unless you ask for deleting them.
  • Therefore, any user having never connected to the platform will not be billed.
  • The total number of Unique Connected Users is calculated at the end of every month.

Billing & payment conditions

  • Monthly billing
  • Payment conditions: 30 days net
  • Please note that all tariffs in this quote are only available in 2019, and are susceptible to evolve in 2020.


  • Coorpacademy has permission to use Client logo for all marketing and communication purposes (newsletter, social media posts etc.).
  • Coorpacademy has permission to communicate with Client end users.


Content property

Custom contents (quizzes & videos) are Client property. These elements can be transferred in any of the following formats:

  • Video: mp4
  • Video script: Word
  • Quiz: json or Excel

Video sources remain the property of Coorpacademy (or partners of Coorpacademy).

General Conditions

  • Princing includes up to 2 modifications / evolutions for quizzes, video scripts and videos. A V0 is delivered by Coorpacademy, and the V2 is the definitive version. Clients will be charged accordingly for any additional modifications.
  • All content production that is billed in 2019 is to be consumed in 2019

Conditions for “Content as a subscription” included in Enterprise plan :

  • 1 session of architecture included within the first month of billing : up to two 3-hour workshops (+1000€ VAT for any additional workshops), covering up to 9 chapters
  • From the 2nd month of billing onwards, up to 2 bespoke chapters per month included in your monthly subscription (quiz, script and video only) : 1 chapter is counted in your monthly quota once the final version of the video has been validated. Chapters are non-cumulative from month to month.
  • A planning is available to help guide you with deadlines

Billing & payment conditions (apart from content already included in Enterprise plan) :

A payment schedule will be set up at the beginning of the contract, along with the production schedule:

  • 30% of quote to be paid at quote signature (Customer Acceptance Date);
  • 40% to be paid midway through content production;
  • Remaining 30% to be paid at the estimated end date of the production cycle, not later than XXX months after the Customer Acceptance Date;
  • Payment conditions: 30 days net.

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