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1 year ago

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To understand all things AI, who better to ask than AI itself?

At Coorpacademy by Go1, we took the challenge to produce, within a couple of hours, our first ever interview generated by AI in this special episode of CoorpCast, our podcast series.

Enjoy Listening!

In just a few days since its release on November 30th, ChatGPT, OpenAI’s new chatbot, has opened a whole new world of content creation. ChatGPT will write kids’ homework, generate thorough and relevant texts for presentations, produce the code for custom mobile apps, and make up stories and jokes from scratch. All within seconds.

With over a million users having had their questions answered with relevant and sensible texts on all possible topics, ChatGPT’s technological advances are unprecedented to date. Exciting opportunities lie ahead, but also raise important questions about the role of humans in the creation of new content.

Have we come to the point where humans are replaceable in society and at work?

We asked the opinion of ChatGPR itself, to understand the scope of its challenges and the ways in which it could alter human labor.

“In this episode of CoorpCast, listeners will not only hear the voice of a robot, but also the very thoughts of a robot,” says Laurence Mijoin-Duroche, head of pedagogical innovation at Coorpacademy by Go1. “We are used to interviewing the experts of our training programs. In the same way, we wanted to speak directly to the one on the other side of the conversation, namely ChatGPT itself.”

Acting as a pioneer in corporate digital learning since 2013, Coorpacademy by Go1 has set itself the ambition of continuously revolutionizing eLearning.

“Since day one our aim has been to offer a different approach to training, ahead of its time. We remain passionate about major technological developments such as ChatGPT. It may not be clearly understood yet, but we’re confident it has a strong potential for disrupting the world of education and training,” explains Arnauld Mitre, co-founder and VP of Coorpacademy by Go1.

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