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Discover how to create your certifications directly from Coorpmanager, your unique entry point to manage your platform in complete autonomy! 


Certificates are a list of different courses available on your platform, but completion of which will allow the learner to validate a certificate. This feature allows you to train a specific population on a mandatory topic to ensure that your learners take the courses of your choice. By playing the certificate, learners will be rewarded with a badge, a diploma or additional stars on their Coorpacademy account.


Until now, the certificates were created at the request of our customers, through our Customer Success Managers. Many certificates have been created, such as an onboarding certificate for our client iQera, a CSR acculturation certificate for La Française des Jeux or a series of Digital Passport certificates for Michelin. Today, gain autonomy and benefit from a better customization of your platform by creating your own certificates!  


To create your certificate, follow these steps: 


  • Define general information


In the scrolling list on your left, go to the “Certifications” tab under Editorialization. Click on “Create certification”. You will be able to start defining the general information of your certificate: the language, the name of the certificate, the description and the associated logo. As you create your certificate, you will have the option to save your draft for later editing.


  • Translations

Once the general information is defined, it is possible to fill in the translations of this information. Translations are not mandatory.


  • Select courses

This is the time to select the courses that will be included. Courses are displayed in the default language of the platform. You can refine your selection by using the search bar, or the drop-down menu to choose what type of content you are looking for. You can choose as courses:

Classic courses; Custom courses; 5′ learning; External courses (podcast, article, video or scorm).

  • Course Settings

In this section, you can determine the number of courses that must be completed in order to obtain certification and manage the order in which the courses appear when completing the certificate.


  • Rewards

Last step before publishing your certificate! In this section, you have the possibility to reward your learners after the completion of the certificate. Among other things, you can define the number of stars earned, add a badge to be obtained and finally, make the certifying diploma available by importing a logo and a signature.


Once these 5 steps are completed, your certificate is ready to be published!


To authorize a user to create certificates, you will need to define roles within the Coorpmanager Administration tab. The “User” sub-section will allow you to assign roles and accesses to each user by clicking on one of them and selecting which roles are assigned to them. To give a user the ability to create a certificate, you will need to contact your Customer Success Manager. It is important to note that each role is assigned to the user you designate and not everyone will be able to change it in order to guarantee data security.


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