Ecological transition: what skills will be essential for reinventing ourselves?

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2 years ago

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Did you know that 70% of French people are pessimistic about the future of the planet, and for 93% of them, protecting the environment is an important issue, and almost half of them even consider it to be a priority issue. The barometer “The French and their carbon footprint” published by Odoxa on September 16, 2021 does not surprise us that much. The climate crisis is the fight of the century, and companies are increasingly taking up these issues – and that’s good! However, more than half of the French people questioned in this study believe that neither their companies (55%), nor the State and local authorities (60%), nor the inhabitants of their regions (61%) encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint.


To transform the company, turning off the lights behind you and making great speeches is no longer enough, you have to learn about the new issues and behaviors that the ecological transition implies, as well as understand the mechanisms! So, are you ready to develop the skills to last? 

Sustainable thinking

In order to last, we must be able to project ourselves into the future and therefore think sustainably. This skill, which was not defined until a few years ago, and which has just been integrated into the Coorpacademy catalog, is essential for reinventing a business model which takes into account the environmental stakes and limits which frame the activities of a company. By developing the sustainable thinking of your employees, you ensure the sustainability of your company.

To initiate the sustainable thinking of your teams, discover the course on “The circular economy: from the straight line to the virtuous circle” co-edited with MySezame.

The Circular Economy: From a Straight Line to a Virtuous Circle


Adaptability and resilience

According to the latest IPCC report, a rise in average global temperatures of more than 1.5°C would have disastrous consequences on ecosystems and natural earth systems. Megafires, rising waters, threatened species, droughts, destruction of ecosystems… The world of tomorrow will be nothing like the one we know today. Therefore, to exist in a world that is unknown to us, and unpredictable, the strength of adaptation and resilience are crucial skills.

Prepare yourself for tomorrow’s world by learning to evolve in a VUCA environment through our Coorpacademy course!

Operating in a VUCA environment


Creativity and innovation

The challenges of the ecological transition are numerous, and above all, new. From today, we are facing unprecedented ecological disasters, and the solutions are therefore in essence innovative. Therefore, in order to reinvent our ways of thinking, our behaviors and our economy, we must be capable of creativity and innovation. Thinking outside the box, being able to imagine a world totally different from ours and being able to implement new processes are essential skills to accompany the ecological transition.

Discover the Creativity and Innovation course to develop an atmosphere conducive to brainstorming and to fostering an atmosphere of innovation!

Creativity and innovation


Because the ecological transition is initiated through training, we recently launched a CSR focus animation on all our platforms, to ensure the development of skills in the fight against the climate crisis. Thus, all learners had access to 20 questions on sustainable transformation, to test their knowledge and get up to speed on the challenges of the ecological transition!


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