Engaging employees in training: what our customers think of Forever Learning, our animation program

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10 months ago

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While the summer is sometimes synonymous with desertion in the office, another aspect of working life is affected: training.

The conventional wisdom is that it can be difficult to motivate and engage employees in training during the holidays, and rightly so. However, at Coorpacademy by Go1, our ambition is to engage learners in training, all year round.


Because continuous learning is crucial for anchoring knowledge, every year we work on a program to animate our customer platforms, in order to offer an impactful and effective learning experience.


So, as every year, our Summer Learning Camp was held from 26 July to 16 August 2023. This year, we put forward a fun playlist, designed to offer innovative and engaging formats on a variety of themes.


Increasing commitment

The good news is that it works! Just when you might think that learners don’t connect to the platform during the summer and don’t want to learn, our animation proves the opposite. But that’s no longer a surprise to us, given the results generated by the same event in 2022.


During the 2023 Summer Learning Camp, which attracted over 17,000 participants, we saw a 5% increase in user connections compared with the 2 weeks prior to the event. Positive results, both literally and figuratively. The number of courses started rose by 14%, and 23% of courses were completed.



To motivate learners even more, 3 winners are drawn at random from among the participants to win a prize, including this year 1 year’s subscription to an audio book and podcast application.


Positive feedback from our customers

Our ongoing support in running our customers’ training platforms is highly valued. Saving time, engaging learners, providing expert advice and setting up learner communications, our team of Customer Success Managers is a real asset for maximising the impact of training within your company.

Recently, our customer GrantThornton warmed our hearts with this feedback on our support and the activities we offered:


Support throughout the year

Our “Forever Learning” programme, developed in close collaboration between the Communications and Customer Success departments, promises many highlights throughout the year. This personalised support is essential and takes into account the expectations and recurring issues that our customers tell us they have. In this way, the programme meets the needs of our customers and covers the major training themes that concern companies undergoing major transformation.


What’s the next event?

In order to raise your employees’ awareness of the environmental transition, our “Forever Learning” programme will soon be launching a new activity to coincide with European Sustainable Development Week, which runs from 18 September to 8 October. Learners will be offered a brand new playlist.


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