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Big Data

  • 75 min
  • 120 questions
  • 3 videos

Pressing an elevator button, sending and email or searching for something on the web… Even the smallest actions create data. With the internet, the mass of data available and thus collected continues to increase, thereby giving rise to new practices. Blockchain, machine learning, data visualisation and predictive analysis form the disciplines born alongside Big Data. You will find out more about them in this course.


You will be able to :

  • Master the concept of Big Data
  • Know the main sectors to which Big Data can be applied
  • Chapters:

    • What is Big Data?
    • The Big Data market
      • Does Big Data concern all companies ?

    You will be able to :

  • Know how to use retargeting
  • Understand the economic challenges and specific applications of Big Data
  • Understand what is Machine Learning
  • Chapters:

    • Big Data and marketing : what concrete applications ?
    • Better targeting customer using retargeting
    • Big Data and marketing : the Real-Time Bidding example
      • Machine learning and deep learning
      • Back to the Future with Predictive Analysis



    You will be able to :

  • Make the connection between Big Data and cloud computing
  • Understand the notion of blockchain
  • Understand why visualising data is essential
  • Chapters:

    • Data changes the deal
    • The Blockchain
    • Big Data project stages
    • Storing and processing data with Hadoop
    • Giving data meaning: data visualisation
    • Big Data & personal data

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    What is Big Data?

    If you’re in need of an explanation of this ubiquitous buzzword, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Big Data is the term used to describe the huge accumulation of information that goes on every day in our computerised world. Needless to say, the main source is the internet, but we can also create data when we use our phones and televisions, drive our cars and interact with a host of other modern conveniences.

    Big Data online courses

    Our Big Data online courses explain how this wealth of information has become a valuable asset for government services, the pharmaceutical industry, banking, insurance, human resources and companies seeking predictive business strategies. Globally, this resource is now worth over $50 billion dollars, with rapid growth predicted for the future. Coorpacademy’s Big Data online training course will help you tap into this market for the benefit of your business.

    The course starts with Big Data for beginners. Clients learn the basic principles of data mining and examine how it can impact positively on a range of businesses big and small. For example, we look at the “”three V’s”” of data processing – volume, variety and velocity.

    Moving up a level, the Big Data and machine learning mooc considers the role of algorithms that allow computer systems to learn and adapt over time. Related topics covered in our Big Data online courses include behavioural retargeting (the use of online advertising tied to a customer’s internet habits) and forecasting future trends with predictive analytics.

    The Bid Data and Blockchain courses

    The Bid Data and Blockchain course module explores recording methods for online payment systems such as Bitcoin. It also talks about data visualisation, the representation of information in easily assimilated graphic formats, and looks at the relationship between Big Data and the Cloud. Moreover, the Big Data online training course from Coorpacademy provides an introduction to processing data using open-source software such as the Hadoop computer networking utility.

    Whether you are looking for a quick, easy Big Data for beginners or our full Bid Data and Blockchain course, Coorpacademy’s digital learning solution answers the question What is Big Data? in a manner that is clear and authoritative. Our Big Data online courses come with a range of inspirational study aids. There are stylish videos and multiple choice tests, with helpful clues and friendly online coaches always at the ready to smooth the learning process.

    All of this material can be viewed on any device, at the time of your choosing, thus putting the individual client fully in control of their online educational experience. You can expect your course to be flexible, cutting edge and up to date.

    What is Big Data?  Why not start the journey of discovery right now?

    Big Data

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