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Deciphering the X generation and millennials

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Millennials are disrupting traditional management. Team supervisors and managers have to adapt their methods to the expectations of these young professionals. But who are they exactly? How do they view companies? In this course, we invite you to discover these new generations. Our goal? Enabling everyone to understand each other, to work better together. It is crucial for both managers and employees to grasp the issue of intergenerational management.


You will be able to :

  • Understanding how technological advances have created new generations
  • Identifying the specifics of the three generations working side-by-side in companies
  • Discovering Gen Y and Gen Z’s vision of the workplace
  • Chapters:

    • The Digital Revolution
    • X, Y and Z generations
    • Y and Z: A balanced view of success

    You will be able to :

  • Understanding the necessity of putting people at the heart of businesses to limit disengagement
  • Grasping the importance of soft skills in tomorrow’s workplace
  • Highlighting the importance of gender diversity brought to the workplace by new generations
  • Chapters:

    • People at the heart of the business
    • Integrating new generations using soft skills
    • Diversity and generation Y

    You will be able to :

  • Naming the different management models emerging in the workplace
  • Implementing techniques to attract and gain the loyalty of young generations
  • Understanding new forms of management implemented by certain big companies
  • Chapters:

    • The new leadership and management models
    • Attracting and gaining the loyalty of the new generations
    • Intergenerational management in practice

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