IBM OriginalDiscovering the applications of blockchain technology

Discovering the applications of blockchain technology

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Many different sectors are excited about the potential uses of blockchain technology. Whether as a cryptocurrency or as a tool in the areas of insurance, music or healthcare, discover blockchain’s areas of application and best-known uses. This blockchain course was jointly produced under a partnership between IBM and Coorpacademy.


You will be able to :

  • Understand the benefits of blockchain for the banking and insurance sectors
  • Define blockchain’s main applications
  • Chapters:

    • Banking and insurance : great opportunities for blockchain
    • Blockchain’s main applications

    You will be able to :

  • Describe the main blockchains that currently exist
  • Understand the challenges faced by blockchain
  • Chapters:

    • Main challenges for blockchains
    • The best-known blockchains that currently exist

    You will be able to :

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    Blockchain Technology Training

    The swift rise in the popularity of blockchain technology is most certainly underpinned by its links to Bitcoin – the first decentralized currency in the world. From stock market trading to banking, Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to operate and carry out its functions. Blockchain may be the future of finance, but it has so many other applications. Blockchain technology training is essential to understanding and utilising this important technology.

    Which Applications are using Blockchain?

    Besides Bitcoin, which applications are using Blockchain? An incredible number of industries make use of blockchain technology, making it one of the fastest growing, technologies of the financial world. Stock trading, banks, and insurance companies use cryptocurrency, and there are interesting applications in music and healthcare. However, there are some unexpected applications of this innovative currency system.

    • Poverty and humanitarian relief

    In a more enterprising role, cryptocurrency-based vouchers have been sent to refugees in Syria, in order to help them purchase food. Blockchain can also be used by poor people who don’t have access to bank accounts. Using just a Smartphone, money can be accessed, with no transfer charges.

    • BitPesa

    BitPesa sends and collects payments between Africa and other countries. Money may be sent to help ailing families or is used to conduct business transactions with other countries. These measures can help to alleviate poverty.

    • Cybersecurity and voter verification

    Voter fraud and cybersecurity has become the focus since the 2016 elections in the US. Vote-counting systems can be protected from hacking using blockchain technology. It can also ensure tamper proof voting on the day and boost accuracy of voting ledgers.

    • Improvement of government systems

    Many aspects of governance can be improved by implementing blockchain technology. These include education systems, healthcare, and public benefits.

    • Blockchain technology for beginner financial gurus

    Doing a blockchain online course creates awareness which can be used to seek employment or a stepping stone to study other financially-oriented courses.

    The blockchain online course and training has been jointly developed by IBM and Coorpacademy digital learning solutions. Blockchain technology training enables students to understand the basic and more advanced applications of the system with a view to gaining an understanding of its benefits.

    Blockchain online courses

    Blockchain training is becoming one of the fastest growing educational courses on the internet and now forms part of advanced financially-based courses. Coorpacademy distance learning solutions offers free blockchain technology mooc (massive open online courses), blockchain training and blockchain technology for beginner courses which users can do on their computers at home.

    Blockchain technology for beginners provides learners with the understanding of how blockchain is used and implemented in the banking and insurance sectors. Coorpacademy digital learning solutions courses equip students with knowledge which can be used to further enhance career prospects or personal investments.

    Do you want to know which applications are using blockchain? This basic introduction to the most important financial and insurance applications of blockchain is an excellent starting point for anybody who wants to get into the ground floor of understanding and using this important and globally relevant technology.

    Discovering the applications of blockchain technology

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