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Marketing and online advertising

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The acceleration of information production in the digital age has profoundly transformed the landscape of online advertising. In this entirely new situation, he or she who wishes to be read, seen or heard is absolutely obliged to master a whole body of knowledge and good practices. This course, which spans the whole range of topics relating to online advertising, offers invaluable guidance for achieving this. From the origins of display advertising to different targeting methods, without forgetting content marketing or inbound marketing, a few mouse-clicks will take you on a trip through the world of traffic generation levers in the digital age.


You will be able to :

  • Knowing the history of display advertising
  • Targeting your customers by taking advantage of the development of Big Data
  • Applying good content marketing practices
  • Chapters:

    • What is display advertising?
    • Targeting your Customers Better Through Retargeting
    • Content Marketing

    You will be able to :

  • Getting to know the different levers for generating online traffic
  • Choosing the best media strategy for your needs
  • Preparing yourself for the launch of an Inbound Marketing strategy
  • Understanding the uses of Account-Based Marketing
  • Chapters:

    • The Levers for Generating Traffic
    • Paid, Owned, Earned Media, and Viral Content
    • A Snapshot of Inbound Marketing
    • Account-Based Marketing: A Challenge for B2B

    You will be able to :

  • Getting to know the main online tracking and targeting tools.
  • Optimizing the ROI of your display campaigns
  • Improving your knowledge of RTB
  • Choosing the purchasing method to fit your needs
  • Chapters:


    • The Web Giants Are Dominating Online Advertising
    • Online Advertising: Between Targeting and Transparency
    • Cookies: the leading tool for online tracking
    • Direct Buying or Real Time Bidding?
    • Managing Online Advertising Space
    • Targeting with RTB
    • Methods of Buying Online Advertising


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