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Multi-Screening Behaviour

  • 65 min
  • 120 questions
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Smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets… We possess more and more gadgets that are connected to the Internet. And, more and more, we are beginning to use them at the same time! The propagation of the multi-screen phenomenon, Generation C (for Connected)’s new customs, the development of new ways of writing, and the strategies employed by Web Giants… In 3 modules, learn to seize communication opportunities in these trends.


You will be able to :

  • Understand Generation C’s usage behaviour and the key figures behind multiscreen use
  • Discover the reasons for the growth in this new way of consuming content
  • Chapters:

    • Generation “C”
    • Key figures in Multiscreen
    • Multiscreen development

    You will be able to :

  • Learn all about consumer behaviour
  • Decode the new tools in the multiscreen service
  • Chapters:

    • Media consumption around the world
    • 10 ways of using multi-screen opportunities (# I)
    • 10 ways of using multi-screen opportunities (# II)
    • Shazam : the new multi-screen communication tool?
    • Multiscreen consumer behavior

    You will be able to :

  • Find out about the future of connected screens
  • Analyse the relative failure of Connected TVs
  • Master the new standards in multiscreen development
  • Understand Google’s convergence strategy for multiscreens
  • Grasp the challenges of a new media audience measurement
  • Understand the factors involved in the success of a multiscreen marketing strategy
  • Chapters:

    • The new connected screens
    • Is connected TV a failure?
    • Responsive vs Adaptive Design
    • The example of the Super Bowl 2013
    • Convergence at Google: the new “philosophy” of Adwords
    • Measuring multi-screen audiences
    • Success in marketing in the multi-screen era

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