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  • 75 min
  • 120 questions
  • 3 videos

Search engines are our primary entry point to the Internet. Are you familiar with what goes on backstage? Do you know how they work? And above all, have you mastered the techniques for being well represented there? So many questions we’ll be answering in this course’s fifteen lessons discussing, among other things, listings, Google Analytics, AdWords, and what’s in store for online searches…


You will be able to :

  • Be familiar with the history of online searches
  • Understand search engines’ operation
  • Be able to decipher a results page
  • Chapters:

    • A Short History of Search Engines
    • Universal Searches
    • Results Page Structure

    You will be able to :

  • Distinguish between natural and fee-based listings
  • Be well placed in search results pages
  • Set up an advertising campaign on search engines
  • Master the Google Analytics tools
  • Chapters:

    • What are SEO and SEA?
    • Improving your Site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Starting an Advertising Campaign on Search Engines
    • Monitoring your Advertising Campaign in Order to Better Optimize It
    • Understanding your Audience with Google Analytics

    You will be able to :

  • Incite telephone calls using search engines
  • Improve your local listings
  • Know how to reach Internet users who left your site
  • Understand the interest of specialized search engines
  • Be familiar with the future of online searches
  • Chapters:

    • Quality score: Your AdWords Campaign Currency
    • Increasing the Number of Incoming Calls Using Search Engines
    • Working on your Local Listings
    • Refining Customer Targeting Using Remarketing
    • Specialized Search Engines: Are They Relevant to your Business ?
    • From Search Engine to Recommendation Engine
    • Personal Assistants: the Future of Online Searches ?

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