Global Exam OriginalSmall Talk : how to engage a conversation

Small Talk : how to engage a conversation

At work and in your personal life, you meet new people every day. Introducing yourself is something you have to do with everyone and making small talk in English is a key part of your job life, especially if you work in an international environment! From your hobbies to your opinion on a matter discussed in a meeting, this course will give you the basics of Small Talk to ease your way into your new office. Let’s go!


You will be able to :

  • Easily start a conversation with people at work
  • Discuss random topics and ask questions
  • Discuss your free time and personal interests
  • Chapters:

    • General small talk at work
    • Creating connections at work
    • In your free time

    You will be able to :

  • Talk about your private life without going into too much detail
  • Introduce yourself to new people at work
  • Navigate meetings and email lingo
  • Chapters:

    • Tell us about yourself
    • Introducing yourself at work

    You will be able to :

  • Express empathy in sensitive situations (positive or negative)
  • Express an opinion on a sensitive matter
  • Master idiomatic expressions
  • Chapters:

    • Talking about sensitive subjects
    • Mastering idiomatic expressions

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    Small Talk : how to engage a conversation

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