Luc de Brabandere & Anne Mikolajczak OriginalThe Art of Argumentation

The Art of Argumentation

Argumentation is a veritable art! But before launching into a debate, it’s best to understand how reasoning is constructed. This 3-chapter course on logic, is here to help you both to prepare your own arguments better, and to identify the flaws in your interlocutor’s arguments so as to be better equipped to contradict them.

You will be able to :

  • Understand the fundamentals of logic
  • Build a strong argument
  • Identify the flaws in an argument
  • Refute a fallacious argument
  • Chapters:

    • Let’s go!
    • Aristotelian Logic to Help You Get Your Bearings
    • Argumentation to convince
    • Identifying and Refuting Fallacious Arguments

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    The Art of Argumentation

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