OriginalTrivial Pursuit – The Ultimate Challenge

Trivial Pursuit – The Ultimate Challenge

Well done, you were the clear winner in the 6 broad themes History, Geography, Arts and Literature, Sciences and Nature, Sports and Leisure, and Entertainment.

Are you prepared to put the prizes you’ve won back into play to try to win the collection of multicoloured playing pieces


You will be able to :

  • Add footnotes to Herodotus’ writings
  • Set your next karaoke party on fire
  • Find your way blindfold in the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates
  • Hold a conversation with the national curling team
  • Recite the works of James Joyce backwards
  • Chapters:


    • 🔬Science and Nature🌿
    • 🌎Geography
    • 🎬Entertainment
    • 🏛️History
    • 🎨Arts and Literature📖
    • ⚽Sports and Leisure🎲
    • Check your score!

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    Trivial Pursuit – The Ultimate Challenge

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