Coorpacademy OriginalWell-Being in The Digital Age

Well-Being in The Digital Age

In a very short time, digital technologies have revolutionized the way we work and interact. And while the effects of this transformation are positive in many respects, digital technology is not without risks for health either: prolonged exposure to screens, fewer face-to-face conversations, dependency on technologies, the blurring of the boundaries between private and professional life… If you want to learn more about how digital technologies can affect your well-being, this course is for you. You will also discover a number of healthy reflexes to adopt to allow you to safely take full advantage of digital technology.


You will be able to :

  • Adopt the correct position at your workstation
  • Manage the daily flow of information well
  • Disconnect
  • Chapters:

    • The Impact of New Technologies on Our Physical Health
    • Internet and Psychological Well-Being
    • Digital technology and Work-Life Balance

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    Well-Being in The Digital Age

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