Technology and Innovation Exhibition – Lausanne

Jessica Dehler Zufferey

7 years ago


Article STIL (1)Last week, Coorpacademy participated in the Technology and Innovation Exhibition at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). More than 3’000 visitors discovered the latest trends on more than 100 booths. 

We had the pleasure to encounter many visitors at our booth and enjoyed giving demos of our learning platform, explain its’ instructional design, get valuable and encouraging feedback and make visitors discover our content. The courses on new management from our Zeitgeist masterclass created a lot of interest. And many EPFL students wished to take courses on our platform on study-related topics.

Our objective for this exhibit was not commercially-driven but rather to present state-of-the-art technology and to get inspired by other actors of innovation in the rich EPFL ecosystem. Objective fully achieved. The exhibit provided most of the current very hot topics. Let us share some of our discoveries with you :

  • Crowd is a platform connecting start-ups, professionals, companies and investors. The goal is to facilitate the creation of networks for the realisation of ideas in general. Might become a partner for our rapid prototyping. Or take who matches skills with early stage start-ups.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning helps any online shop become (artificially) intelligent without much effort or any coding skills. The API predicts user behaviour and personalizes the shopping experience.
    We love to see more machine learning, but still miss some more of it in new areas other than online shops and especially in education ! We’ll take matters into our own hands …
  • Robots
    Not a new discovery but the robot Thymio  demonstrates the great potential of roboters for education and in particular for early and child-friendly learning of programming.

Thanks to all visitors and for those who could not come, let’s meet soon at our office in the brand new EdTech collider opening at EPFL in April.

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