The Coorpacademy 2020 Awards recognise the outstanding initiatives and successes of our clients

Antoine D

3 years ago


As announced at the Digital Learning Club, our flagship client event, we are presenting trophies to our clients to recognise some of the most significant lifelong learning initiatives of 2020.

Congratulations to SQLI  who won the “Bespoke content creation” Award with the greatest diversity of content designed in 2020, including a digital Escape Game to raise awareness of disability, an important course on project management for their project managers and 6 complete courses on practice management (scope, charges, costs, quality…), in French and in English

Congratulations to Sylvie Verstraeten, Alexis Guillotin, and all the SQLI teams!



Now comes the “Top learner score” Award, the learner with the highest score on a Coorpacademy platform in 2020. And the learner with the highest score in 2020, Sorin Grapan, works at… Michelin !

Congratulations to Catharina Bot, Nidhi Kalpana, Mohamed Belayachi and Eric Chaniot, and to all the Michelin teams!




Congratulations to Société Générale, which won the “Feature animation initiative” Award, with the highest rate of engagement achieved with a dedicated animation, the Massive Battle (all learners on the platform are challenged by a learner on a particular subject, the same for all).

Congratulations to  Franck La Pinta, Iulia Stefan, Iulia Stefan and all the Société Générale teams!




Congratulations to ZENITH Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA  who won the “Highest engagement rate” Award with the most questions answered on its platform on average per learner per month in 2020!

Congratulations to Belén Trueba Miralles,  Françoise Stoppini, Nicolas Meda and all the Zenith teams!




Congratulations to BOBST who won the “Remote Working Initiative” Award with their “Remote Working” course which achieved the highest engagement rate on our platforms on telework issues.

Congratulations to Vincent Bourgeois,  Dominique Wullschleger, and all the BOBST teams for this award!




Congratulations to Faurecia for its “Outstanding achievement award”: a remarkable milestone has indeed been reached, with more than 20 million questions answered by learners since the creation of the Learning Lab, Faurecia’s digital learning platform deployed by Coorpacademy!

Congratulations to Guillaume LemonnierDavid JestazGracja BorowskaChameli Mahawalage and all the Faurecians!




Congratulations to UCB who won the “Mobile application engagement” award with the best engagement rate in 2020 on the Coorpacademy application, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Congratulations to Sophie RovedoPascal CombesLaurence CORDONNIERBenjamin Walter and all the UCB teams!





Premier Prix de Coopération pour la plateforme de digital learning Square InstituteCongratulations to Square Management ! Their digital learning platform Square Institute was the one that showed the best collaborative spirit during the whole Babel Forum escape game, which we launched with our clients at the beginning of the year. Square Management was awarded the First Prize for Cooperation.

The Babel Forum escape game is an exceptional learning format that aims to develop creativity and teamwork. How does it do this? By having learners solve some pretty tough puzzles, in this case linked to the history of languages through the centuries!

Congratulations to all the Square Management learners who collectively made their platform win by cooperating actively on the dedicated forums to solve all the puzzles together.
And a very special thank you for this project to  Audrey DuvatRiquier LouisAminata CamaraMichelle Juan !

In 2021, continue to enjoy learning!


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