The Square Management digital learning platform is rewarded!

Antoine D

3 years ago


Congrats to Square Management !

The Coorpacademy Awards recognise the outstanding initiatives and successes of our clients in their digital learning projects. Last month, we had the pleasure of giving a Coorpacademy Award to Square Management, for the First Prize of Cooperation.

Premier Prix de Coopération pour la plateforme de digital learning Square Institute
First Prize for Cooperation given to the digital learning platform Square Institute – Feb 2021

Throughout the virtual Forum of Babel escape game that we launched at the beginning of the year with our clients, Square Management digital learning platform was the one that showed the best collaborative spirit.

Here is an example of one of the comments made on the forum dedicated to the first of the four puzzles of the Babel Forum, and which reflects the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie during the game!

“Hello, I found the answer by classifying the caves in chronological order (Chauvet, Lascaux, Las Manos, Magoura) and by putting the letters corresponding to the associated clues. I can give other clues if needed.”

The Forum of Babel: an escape game for training

The Forum of Babel escape game is an exceptional learning format that aims to develop creativity and teamwork. How does it work? By making learners solve some pretty tough puzzles, linked to languages history over the centuries!


Congrats to all the Square Management learners who collectively made their platform win by cooperating very actively on the dedicated forums to get through all the Escape Game puzzles together, and congrats to the Training Centre, without whom none of this would have been possible!

Learning in the flow of work

Time is precious… To make up for its employees’ lack of time but allow them to learn in the workflow, Square Management decided to partner with Coorpacademy to launch a platform dedicated to soft skills within their organisation, with over hundreds of courses.

Launched more than a year ago, the Square Management platform continues to grow at the same pace! Learners come to the platform on average 3.1 times a month. This habit is well integrated into the daily life of employees: a quarter of learning is done on mobile, i.e. on the application version of the Square Institute platform.

Continuously engaging learners

Animations such as the Babel of Forum, but also the creation in 2021 of multiple thematic learning Pathway and the corresponding certificates, are contributing to the growth of the platform, with an unwavering enthusiasm in spring!

Square Institute platform boosted by animations and certificates


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