Digital Learning at FDJ: discover in video the backstage of a success

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In this video interview, Jérôme Pesenti, HR Project Manager for digital training, and Dora Mosalo, Head of Learning and Development at FDJ, tell us about the success of the Coorpacademy “Digilearn” platform within the leading French gambling group, and share best practices and future challenges for online training at FDJ!



What are the successes of the “Digilearn” online training at FDJ?

Dora Mosalo: Two successes. The first is obviously the implementation of this learning platform, which is known by all our employees. The second success for us is the creation of pure FDJ content. Content that is either legal or compulsory, but also cultural, about FDJ culture.


The 3 advantages of Digilearn, especially for learners?

Jérôme Pesenti: The first advantage of Digilearn is the ATAWAD aspect: Any Time, Any Where, Any Device. This means that the employee can connect whenever he wants, wherever he wants, on any tool (smartphone, PC or tablet).

The second advantage is speed. Indeed, we have quick course modules that use reverse pedagogy, i.e. the employee starts with the questions and if he does not know the subject, he can watch the course.

A final advantage is the gamification of the platform. The more courses employees complete, the more stars they earn and the more they are included in the company’s overall ranking. We also have battles where employees can compete on a subject and find out who is the best.


A key number and a good practice to remember?

Dora Mosalo: The key number is 93.

Because 93% of our employees have connected at least once to the platform.

The good practice, and we are practising it more and more, is to create FDJ content based on what exists in the Coorpacademy catalogue by mixing it with custom-made content with our experts.


Do the learners engage in the game?

Jérôme Pesenti: Even though gaming is our business, we are always surprised to discover the competitive side of our employees. That is to say, when we carry out challenges on the platform, we see an increase in the number of battles carried out.


What are the next big challenges for e-learning at FDJ?

Dora Mosalo:  This autumn, we have two major challenges. The first is to use the Coorpacademy catalogue as a prerequisite for our face-to-face training courses as part of the reengineering of these courses. This will be a much more interesting offer.

And our second challenge, as we have just done for the managerial function, will be to create courses which will allow a real progression and deepening of our training offer.

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