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2 years ago

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Without signing the return to “normal” for good, the year 2021 was full of twists and turns. Between the return to face-to-face meetings, the democratisation of teleworking, vaccination and the introduction of the health pass, not to mention the transformations that companies are undergoing, it is obvious that there were many issues at stake. But what we will really remember this year is 1 million hours and 10 unforgettable memories of 2021:

1 – Your desire to learn

With 29,764,048 questions answered in 2021 on all platforms combined, you have completed over 1,000,000 hours of training through the Coorpacademy premium content catalogue!


2 – Your enthusiasm for collaboration!

Indeed, the year 2021 is the year of resilience and team spirit! Thus, in first place of the most played courses is “Communicate effectively to collaborate better” co-published with Dunod Formation. In 2021, you have learned how to avoid communication errors that create tension and you now know how to correctly convey a clear and unambiguous message!


3 – Your desire to understand yourself better

This year, the most consumed soft skill on the platform is emotional intelligence! In 2020, the World Economic Forum already identified this soft skill as one of the ten most important skills in 2022 (The Future of Jobs Report 2020). So you are ready to face the next year by using your own emotions as a driving force to act effectively.


4 – Your limitless agility

In 2021, you have become real acrobats! The course “Adopting an agile culture”, co-published with Numa, has entered the Top 5 by reaching the 3rd place of the most played courses, that is to say 4 places gained compared to the 2020 ranking.


5 – Your investigative skills

Number 1 from the start, the Cluedo educational investigation was the best course launch of the year! You rightly loved getting into the shoes of Colonel Mustard to solve the Skill Island murder mystery, according to your feedback:

  • “Wonderful. This course is a pure joy… We work on cognitive biases while solving a Cluedo puzzle. I recommend +++ for those who are gamers :)”


  • “The format is really interesting and allows us to succinctly show some of the cognitive biases to which we are often subjected. It has the will to bring playfulness to a subject that is not always easy to tackle: critical thinking.”


  • “Very interesting: gripping story combining learning about argumentation and cognitive biases. Really good initiative.  To be repeated! Thank you”


6 – Your attentive ear

For the first time this year, the audiolearning format is included in our premium content catalogue! With Cybercafé, you were able to learn by listening and develop your digital skills.  In 2021, you’ve been listening to this new format, so we’re preparing for 2022 to offer you even more educational innovations!


  • “You think you know everything, but in fact you learn something new every day; can’t wait for the next episodes ;)”


  • “Very interesting! I could now discuss with my brother-in-law who buys NFT certified virtual works ;-)”


  • “Very nice too, the “podcast” formula. Thank you.”


7 – Your soul as a coach

This year, you learned from your peers! With the “Babel Forum” course, the discussions on the learning platforms forum helped you to improve your skills in collaboration with your colleagues. Thus, the Babel Forum became the course that generated the most discussions on the forum, congratulations to you!


8 – Your enthusiasm for your platform

  • “This platform is an extraordinary playground. Accessible anytime, many modules can be done very quickly. I recommend it.”
  • “Platform in an entertaining and learning format; available on the computer or on the smartphone, short formats that meet my expectations” Christine
  • “Accessible at all times, fun and easy to use. You can easily learn yourself from the different topics”
  • “I love the fun aspect, the quality of the lessons, the exercises, the aesthetic aspect of the site. Working while having fun, a very good idea” Sebastien
  • “The training courses are very entertaining and answer a lot of questions. They introduce employees to the challenges of today’s economy, and may even allow some to change direction during their career.
  • “Fun platform, with short modules, regularly updated with new features.” Beatrice


9 – And your presence at our side

Like every year, we met in France and Switzerland during our Digital Learning Club! A moment of exchange where our clients are invited to discover the latest Coorpacademy innovations in terms of learning.

This collaborative moment was also an opportunity to receive feedback from our customers on the new features to come, to have them actively participate in the evolution of our solution and thus, to build together the Digital Learning experience that meets their needs.


10 – Even at a distance…

And because since 2020, these face-to-face meetings have become rare, we have also organised ourselves to continue to exchange ideas together through our Learn Everywhere webinar series! This year, the most successful webinar was the one on The Rise of Audiolearning, which took place in June 2021 with our partner Bookboon.

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