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4 years ago

Learning Innovation

The Coorpacademy Content Team is producing ‘Suspects’, its first fictional series in 3 episodes involving the use of soft skills.

After launching the digital Escape Game in 2019 in order for the learner to discover the platform’s features playfully, after having released several immersive courses where the learner dive into – almost – real-life situations to apply his/her newly acquired knowledge, the Content Team decided in 2020 to go a step further in the interactive storytelling process.

First, the fiction, second, the learning!

Laurence Mijoin-Duroche, learning manager at Coorpacademy, came up with the idea to reverse the usual course construction methodology. How so? You start from a fiction, a compelling story, and then you add to it pedagogical elements. In this new format – we haven’t seen anything like it yet in the world of corporate digital learning – knowledge and learning elements will be presented furtively, almost subliminally, to the learner/player/viewer. By making decisions that will impact the course of the story, learners will be actors in their own learning processes, without sometimes even knowing they’re actually learning something. 

This new format production was launched during lockdown, but with a team full of motivation and scenarios ideas. This new pedagogical series will be a real fiction, illustrated with interactive videos, and the story will be told in 3 episodes where players will make their own choices and will learn from their decisions. 

If you liked the movie Searching, or the TV shows Calls or Criminal, you will like Suspects by Coorpacademy.

The fiction being the starting point, the Content Team chose to draw inspiration from some crime movies and TV shows… Using the idea of a detective case and questioning witnesses as the context of Suspects!

Less is more!

Série Calls de Canal +
Calls on Canal+

The TV show Calls on Canal+ rely on a quite simple concept: on the screen, you will only see written dialogues and you will only hear those dialogues. No images. With some light effects and the actors’ voices and interpretations, the stories – and the suspense – build up.

A direction relying on a succession of screens.


The movie Searching shows a father looking for his missing daughter… uniquely through the actions he does on his computer or his smartphone: mails, webcam, searching in files or looking for clues on the web… Everything is done through screens. 

A detective duo with two different profiles.

Criminal on Netflix

In the TV show Criminal on Netflix, a detective, quite good at psychology, observe interrogations behind a one-way glass and advises an other detective, with quite different and rough methods…

Paris, 3rd February 2031, 29°C in the shade. Global warming is more topical than ever…

Naturally, the announcement of GreenDynamix was a bombshell: the research centre would have developed a revolutionary fuel. Virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions. A patent that would have been worth millions… But as soon as it was finalised, the formula was stolen and all project files erased. Three people are to be heard in the ongoing investigation. The case has been assigned to Detective Carl Sanchez, assisted by Alice Postel, an expert in behavioural analysis… Carl Sanchez is a young off-the-academy detective who just arrived in criminal police… And who needs to demonstrate its effectiveness! He won’t be alone though: Alice, behind her computer screen, will observe the interrogation room and advise Carl on how to lead the questioning. Using soft skills, of course…

Ok, this sounds cool… But what about the actual learning and upskilling in all that?

In each episode, only one suspect will be interrogated. Carl will gather important information for the case only if he leads the questioning correctly. If Alice – the learner/player – doesn’t give the right advice, the suspect won’t give critical information. Then, everyone (Alice, Carl and the learner) can follow the other courses on the platform to see how they got it wrong. Soft skills involved will be: 

  • Negotiation and persuasion power
  • Problem-solving
  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conflict resolution

Who said it was easy to lead an interrogation? Anyway, the case won’t be solved until the end of the third and last episode, when all three suspects would have been interrogated. And this calls for quite a few binge learning sessions!

Suspects, soon on Coorpacademy.

An episode a month from October 13rd.

Available in French and English.

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