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3 years ago

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It’s the resumption. Business activities resume, terraces are alive again and the subway is full again. We are finally seeing the end of the crisis, and we cross our fingers while writing this. This unprecedented period arouses excitement but also interrogations about the best way to support employees, as the stakes are crucial.

How can we create the ideal conditions for this resumption? What are the best practices to adopt? What about employee motivation? How will remote working be organized from now on?

For more than a year, we have evolved in an uncertain and worrying climate that has changed the usual reference points for collective and individual interests. We made one while being apart. And this has not been without consequences on the general mood and hope for the future.

While it is now time to reunite gradually and (re)discover our habits, some might find it confusing. Whatever happens, humans get used to everything, and finally, it is returning to normal that might seem abnormal.

The revolution that this crisis has brought to light is mainly that of remote working, leading to hybrid work. And as individuals, this crisis has taught us that adaptation is an essential ability. We know that the world changes, but it is also unpredictable. Training is an effective response to this.

Indeed, without the right support, resumption can be hard, both individually and collectively. That’s why we’ve designed the Back on Track playlist, to answer these questions and ensure that your employees return to the office in the best possible condition.

To get back on track, our dedicated playlist contains the following courses:

  • Adapt in all circumstances

Test your adaptability – Coorpacademy
Learning to Learn – Learn Assembly
Boost your learning abilities – Science & Vie

  • Manage effectively

Take a fresh look at your management style – O. Sibony
Making Quick and Effective Decisions – Dunod

  • Work better together

Remote Working: From Theory to Best Practices – E.Eyrolles
Motivating your team – Video Arts
30 Ways to Make More Time – Video Arts

And to discover our entire catalog, click here

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