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7 years ago

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New-update-formation-digitalThe digital world is changing dizzyingly fast and so is our content, so that we can always offer you the best learning experience. 

What’s happening on your platform?

We decided to prioritize the revision of our courses on topics that are changing rapidly. The update implied removing whole chapters and replacing them with entirely new ones in order to stick to the latest evolutions. All the other chapters were completely revised, particularly concerning key figures, dates, quizzes and “Did you know?”.

What does this mean for you?

You keep your place in leaderboards, the stars you earned, badges and certifications. But if you are currently working through a level (basic, advanced, coach) that just was updated, your progression will be reinitialized in that level only. You will receive a notification letting you know about updates and inviting you to discover the new levels.

Coming soon, you will be able to get familiar with blockchain technology, machine learning and deep learning with the upcoming update of the course “ Big Data”. Also coming up, the update of the courses “local marketing”.

Courses affected by this update:

  • Search: Local referencing, recommendation engines,…
  • The mobile revolution: The internet of Things, the importance of a good network, the mobile revolution in Africa and Asia,…
  • Online Video: Key trends in online video, producing online video and giving them visibility, ad blockers,…
  • Social networks: creating an efficient profil, using image-based social media, recruiting on social media,…
  • Online commerce: the challenges of online selling, keep an eye on the competition, M-commerce,…

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