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4 years ago

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Facing the uncertainties of the future, only one thing is certain: the need to train and to learn continuously. And with yesterday’s legacy tools it’s simply impossible to do so.

The solution? A digital learning tool suiting our everyday professional lives. With its learner-centric platform and its +1,500 course catalog, Coorpacademy is the solution to train on soft skills, the skills which will allow learners to learn tomorrow’s skills.

For a better impact, the Coorpacademy platform is constantly adapting to the way people learn thanks to its behavioral analytics and Machine Learning algorithms.

In addition to the included course catalog, Coorpacademy also allows companies to create their own tailored courses and to push them live in a few clicks on their personalized branded platforms.

What makes Coorpacademy’s learning experience different from others? A unique pedagogical method with the flipped pedagogy: it allows learners to start with the questions before accessing the course material if he/she already knows the topic.

The Battle mode and the ranking allow the learners to challenge their peers on topics.

The platform’s flexibility allows learners to start a course at the office and to complete it in the subway, and the certifications are there to validate learners’ skills.

This is why more than 100 companies chose Coorpacademy and that 800,000 learners in the world train daily on Coorpacademy with an engagement rate up to 90%. Make your company a learning organization with Coorpacademy!

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