Future of Jobs: The top 10 skills to be developed by 2025

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3 years ago

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In October 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released its third edition of the “Future of Jobs” report. It analyzes future trends of labor markets and provides essential information to guide employers and workers for forthcoming opportunities.

By listing the upcoming top 10 crucial skills, the report gives a better understanding of the challenges companies and workers will face within the next five years. It enables training managers, HR directors, and executives to take action by preparing their workforce to face tomorrow’s uncertainty. It helps keep pace with the crucial transformations that companies will encounter in a constantly changing world.

The World Economic Forum warns the job market will experience a major shift by 2025. As the COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, it will not be without consequences for the labor market. The report states that workers will face two considerable disruptions by 2025: job losses due to increased automation and the economic impact of the crisis we are still experiencing. These disruptions in the labor market could displace approximately 85 million jobs. By comparison, the second edition of the report published in 2018 predicted a shift of 75 million jobs by 2025.

In the coming years, millions of workers will face both reskilling and upskilling challenges to meet the upcoming needs of the labor market and their job’s transformation. The least we can say is that employees have understood this! According to the report, between 2019 and 2020, there will be 4 times more individuals seeking to learn online through their initiative. By 2025, the report estimates that 16% of the retraining of employees in companies will rely on online training platforms.

Innovative thinking, complex problem-solving skills, and active learning techniques that engage learners are critical competencies today. As predicted in the 2018 edition of the report, those top 3 skills are still must-haves and will remain by 2025.

Back when the former edition of the “Future of Jobs” report got published, our training catalog already covered over 90% of the must-haves skills identified for 2022. With an average of 3 complete training courses by skills, we now cover 100% of the competencies that will establish the future of jobs! 

What are the 10 key skills of tomorrow’s labor market ?

        1. Analytical thinking and innovation
        2. Active learning and learning strategies
        3. Complex problem-solving
        4. Critical thinking and analysis
        5. Creativity, originality and initiative
        6. Leadership and social influence
        7. Technology use, monitoring and control
        8. Technology design and programming
        9. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility
        10. Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

Data used in the WEF report was collected over a nine-month period, from January to September 2020. It includes 291 unique answers from global companies. The data collectively represents over 7.7 million employees worldwide. For more details about the method, you can read the report available here.


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