Interactive video: the new must-have format to engage your learners !

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The effectiveness of the video format in the e-learning sector is well established. However, as online content consumption habits evolve, new tools to maintain learners’ attention are being developed. 

In order to boost the engagement of our learners, Coorpacademy by Go1 is adopting a new mode of learning: interactive video! Thanks to K.Air, a Kumullus tool, video becomes an interactive medium in which you can capture the attention of your employees and improve the performance of your training courses.


Fiction, training: the best of both worlds

Did you love the interactive episode of Black Mirror “Bandersnatch”? Or would you rather play the adventurer as the hero of You vs Wild on Netflix? You already know the interactive video!

If the famous streaming platform is now placing interactive content at the heart of its strategy, it is because it has understood that this fun format can arouse the curiosity of viewers and make them want to extend the time they spend on the platform.

Already inspired by these new learning formats, Coorpacademy by Go1 launched the interactive educational series Suspects three years ago. The learner finds himself in the shoes of Alice Postel, a specialist in behavioural analysis, and advises the young detective Carl Sanchez in the shadows to help him conduct his interrogation of various suspects. The aim is of course to use his soft skills to find the culprit(s) at the end of the third and final episode.


Some figures

Faced with the multitude of content available on social networks, users are increasingly passive. Loss of concentration and poor retention of information are the consequences of this inactivity, particularly in the field of learning.

According to Kumullus, when faced with a learning video, our attention drops significantly after 2 minutes and it does not exceed 10 seconds for a video advertising message!

A study conducted by Kumullus also shows that audience engagement is multiplied by 4 with interactive video (*)

(*) study conducted with 1.2 million people on an insurance customer engagement campaign

How does it work? 

Thanks to the K.Air tool, it is possible to add interactions directly into the course video. These interactions can take different forms: quizzes and learning activities, media of all kinds, downloadable documents, or additional information.

When the learner is watching their course video, they will be able to see in the playback bar the upcoming interactions.

Once the learner arrives at an interaction, it opens as a pop-up window to reveal its content. Above is an example of a multiple choice question.

During the video, the learner may also see an icon like the one above appear on the playback screen. This is additional information in the form of a “Did you know? If the learner does not click on it, it does not open automatically. This encourages the learner to pay more attention and to be active in their training!

Don’t wait any longer and test this new format on two courses available in the catalogue:

“Presentation is everything” co-edited with Video Arts

“Feed-back: instructions for use” by Coorpacademy

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