Gartner has identified the Learning Experience Platforms as a market segment in Corporate Learning Suites: what does this mean?

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6 years ago

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New learning models have emerged within organizations these past years thanks to the impulsion of a wider ecosystem dedicated to offer various and differentiating learning experiences to the end-user. The new Gartner Market Guide 2018 for Corporate Learning Suites reflects this new Corporate Learning Environment, where LEPs (Learning Experience Platforms) are now differentiated from the traditional LMSs (Learning Management Systems).

The Corporate Learning market is already a multi-billion market, and growing by the minute. Major players are merging, like when Degreed acquired Pathgather to become a leader in the Learning Experience Platform segment across the Atlantic. In May, Fuse Universal raised 20 million dollars to expand its learning system. Those are just a few examples. Everyday, players in this market are coming with new ways of learning, user-centric and aiming at protecting people’s employability in the future. And Coorpacademy in all that? We could see these M&As or fundraising as a threat, a rivalry… But this is not the case. We see that as a confirmation – now also confirmed by the leading research company in the world – of the need for companies all over the world to implement new, innovative, engaging learning systems. As a confirmation of our convictions. Companies all over the world have understood the need to invest in these Learning Experience Platforms to create value, train their assets, increase their training capabilities. To be, in the end, more competitive on their markets.

Is there a better way to explain what a Learning Experience Platform (LEP, or LXP) is than doing a short explanation course on our Learning Experience Platform? By clicking on this link, you’ll end up on a short series of questions helping you to understand what a LEP is and if you need one. All of that while getting a first glimpse of Coorpacademy’s Learning Experience. Test your knowledge on LEPs!

Our latest innovations, products or offerings, and our conviction for the past 5 years, illustrate this new market segment. With our micro-learning offering, learners can learn whenever they want in 5 minutes, not more, not less. Let’s say you have a meeting on GDPR in 5 minutes and you want to brush up your knowledge on it in a short span of time, it’s possible by doing a micro-learning course. Micro-learning adapts to the plurality of learners’ needs. If you want to get a glimpse of our micro-learning experience, you can check 5’Learning out, a 5 minute training nugget delivered directly in your mailbox every two days. With nano-learning (an even shorter span of time – down to one question), the learner can for example meet a specific learning objective with a chatbot asking him a question.

In order to create the most personalized and user-centric Learning Experience, we are data-driven – we will look beyond the classical KPIs such as completion rates to focus on behavioural data and study learners’ types and actions: is the learner curious? Performant? Does he or she come back often to play all new releases or does he or she want to focus on specific topics? All this data will help us create a Learning Experience that suits every needs.

Because, at the end of the day, learning must be an experience. An engaging one, a rewarding one, an unforgettable one.

We are glad we’re recognized as a Learning Experience Platform.

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