How to earn the maximum number of stars on the Coorpacademy platform?

Antoine D

3 years ago

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Before explaining how the score is built on the platform, a few reminders and definitions!

A course is usually made up of 3 levels: basic level, advanced level, coach level. Each level has an average of 3 chapters. Each chapter is composed of 1 lesson (video or PDF), and 4 questions.


How to earn the most stars by following a module?

The stars, which you earn and which constitute the score, are awarded as follows:

+4 stars for each question you answer correctly
+4 additional stars for each lesson consulted (video or PDF)
-1 star if you use the index while answering a question


How can I track my score?

You can check your score by clicking on the Star icon (green arrow).
To view your score on a particular playlist, simply select it from the drop-down menu (yellow arrow).



How do I replay a level to increase my score?

By replaying a level, you can increase your score, provided that it is better than the best score already achieved previously!

1. I try again to improve my score, but I can’t do better because I use a hint: I don’t win any extra stars, but I don’t lose any either…
2. I try again and this time I have more correct answers, and I also watch the 3 videos (which I had not watched before). I then gain +12 extra stars plus the stars for the correct answers!


How do I move up in the ranking?

You have to play on all levels:

  1. Take as many courses as possible, watch all the videos and answer all the questions correctly. Good luck!
  2. Follow the 5’learning, the 5 minute modules linked to each course: each one can earn you +20 stars!
  3. In general, follow all the course formats offered on the platform 🙂
  4. Validate the certificates offered on the platform
  5. Launch and answer as many battles as possible. A battle is a series of questions on a course level. The winner of the battle gets +1 star for each correct answer (on average there are 6 questions per battle).


More details on how the platform works? Do not hesitate to consult the dedicated FAQ.

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