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Lockdowns, remote working, health measures and social upheaval: the COVID crisis has shaken up the needs of employees. Today, employees are questioning the way things are done, expressing new expectations and may even resign without you having been able to anticipate it. Engaging employees has therefore become a major challenge for managers in order to maintain the productivity of teams and the performance of the company.


Encouraging engagement at work is the subject of the latest course co-published by somanyWays. In this course, discover the Workoscope®: a reading grid that allows you to better understand your relationship to work – your vision, needs and expectations at work. It was developed in 2018 by somanyWays, after more than 3 years of R&D with individuals in professional questioning. 


Take the test and find out what kind of relationship you have with your work!


1 ) You have just been offered a promotion. First of all, congratulations! Your first reaction is…

a ) Accept without hesitation and immediately change your job title on LinkedIn to inform your network

b ) To take time to reflect on the changes that this new position may involve before making any decisions 

c ) To be enthusiastic about the idea of discovering new missions and to ask my interlocutor about the possibility of training associated with this promotion 

d) To look forward to discovering new projects and getting out of my comfort zone! 

e) To ensure that this promotion will enable me to make a significant contribution to the company’s development on key high-impact issues, as this is what drives me


2 ) A new project is discussed at a team meeting. You are…

a) You provide information on the stakeholders and people involved in the project

b) Take the lead in establishing a clear and well-defined plan of action to move the project forward 

c) Offer your help to advance a part of the project that interests you and in which you can deploy new skills 

d) Take the opportunity to organise a brainstorming meeting to innovate on this new project 

e) Remind the team of the importance of including this project in a CSR and environmentally friendly approach 


3) A new recruit has just joined the company! At the welcome breakfast, you will…

a) Ask them about their professional experiences and education, in search of common knowledge! 

b) Welcome them and invite them for a coffee to discuss joint projects!

c) Be delighted and interested in the personality of this new talent!

d) Offer to introduce yourself in 3 fun facts, it’s a change!

e) Ask about them values and the reasons why they joined the company


4 ) Friday, 6 p.m., you leave work… On the way home, you…

a) Open LinkedIn to see the reactions to your last post!

b) Hurry so you don’t arrive late for your dance class, it’s your passion and you’re already revising the steps in your head.

c) Log on to the Coorpacademy app to do a course and develop your skills!

d) Still thinking about that current project you’re having a challenge with, on Monday you’ll have the solution for sure.

e) Have already left a little earlier, you had a volunteering assignment planned for that evening!


5 ) For you, the ideal manager…

a ) Sets ambitious goals and gives you responsibility!

b) Is attentive to what matters to you and focuses on the relationship.

c) Takes a coaching approach and pushes you to excel!

d) Gives you carte blanche and entrusts you with innovative projects.

e) Invites you to take up environmental or social issues in the company and understands your causes!



You have a majority of a)

You are in Ascension mode. You are looking for career advancement and responsibility above all. Your status and title are important to you. Your Linkedin profile is always up to date, you are open to development opportunities and seek visibility with influential people. Proactive, you know what you want and dare to express it.

Your area for improvement: sometimes having a tendency to forget about others in favour of your personal goals.



You have a majority of b)

You are in Equilibrium mode. For you, there is work on the one hand and passions and interests on the other. You seek to preserve your personal life and appreciate a regular work rhythm within a precise framework, with a pleasant climate.

Your area for improvement: you bring consistency to the company, but be careful not to be reluctant to change.


You have a majority of c)

You are in Introspection mode. You are looking to develop the skills that interest you and to grow personally. You question your place and role in the company and ask for diversity. You expect your work to allow you to express your uniqueness, to exercise your passions and interests. Your taste for learning allows you to explore new paths.

Your point for improvement: be careful not to forget the collective issues.


You have a majority of d)

You are in Transformation mode. You are looking to innovate, to invent, to make things happen in your organisation. You are driven by leaving your mark. Enthusiastic about new things, you like to get out of your comfort zone and ask for autonomy.

Your point for improvement: A driving force in times of change, you may however have a tendency to reinvent the wheel!


You have a majority of e)

You are in Impact mode. You seek to have a positive impact on the environment, others and society. This can be expressed through a sensitivity to your company’s purpose and values, through an interest in CSR, employee representation bodies or transmission. Your commitment contributes to the evolution of the company on key issues.

Your point for improvement: Be careful not to neglect your daily tasks in favour of your causes.


To go further and understand what your employees expect in order to engage them in the long term, discover the course Encouraging engagement at work co-edited by somanyWays.


Encouraging Engagement at Work


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New aspirations, new jobs, rapid obsolescence of skills, a context of uncertainty… work is changing at the pace of the words and the evils of the times. In a world on the move, somanyWays contributes to the emergence of a new work culture, more virtuous and more in tune with the needs and uniqueness of each individual. Our mission? To accompany, train and equip individuals and companies so that everyone can (re)find meaning, pleasure and therefore commitment at work.

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