International partnership: Coorpacademy will distribute Cegos e-learning solutions in Europe [Press Release]

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Cegos, a worldwide leader in learning & development, and Coorpacademy, a EdTech startup which deploys a digital learning platform adapted to the learners’ new uses, sign a distribution partnership agreement.

Through this new partnership, Coorpacademy customers will now have access to Cegos’ e-learning catalog on Soft Skills (in three different Html5 formats). This premium content will be available to Coorpacademy customers in France, Germany, Switzerland and in the UK.

Founded in 2013, Coorpacademy is a European EdTech startup specialized in innovative, scalable corporate digital learning solutions. Based in Paris and Lausanne, at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)’s campus, the company is at the heart of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology Research, partnering with EPFL’s Research Centers. Thanks to its digital Learning Experience Platform, Coorpacademy supports companies’ transformation and efficiency by engaging their employees, partners and clients in upskilling on any topic central to their competitiveness, thus reaching top quartile engagement rates. To unleash the desire to learn, Coorpacademy has developed a proprietary Saas platform delivering latest generation instructional design backed by Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Innovation labs, making corporate learning more fun, flexible and collaborative, truly centered on the end-user: the learner. Coorpacademy is part of the EdTech France association.

With its international culture and French origins, the Cegos Group is both a keen observer and a dedicated player in the world of work and business. The Cegos Group deploys a global offering, including turnkey and tailored training and development, operational consultancy, Digital Learning, Managed Training Services, international training projects, and certificate or diploma courses.

Running its own operations in 11 European, Asian and Latin American countries, Cegos is also active in over 50 countries through its network of partners and distributors, which are all leading e-learning solutions providers. Thanks to this network, its Catalogue on Soft Skills has 2.5 million learners per year.

Arnauld Mitre, co-founder of Coorpacademy, explains: “Since our creation in 2013, our vision of learning has been supported by outstanding, premium, unrivaled learning content and our ambition has been to offer the best possible learning experience to our learners. We have observed that our methods, from flipped learning to courses co-edited with top industry experts, showed high engagement rates amongst learners. We also thought that it was time for us to give our learners a pluralistic content offering in order to become a learning hub for top qualitative content. This is why we’re very proud to unveil this first partnership with Cegos, whose content catalog quality has been acknowledged worldwide and has won multiple awards. We’re thrilled to celebrate this major milestone in becoming a hub, allowing learners to find the best available content, with Cegos’ offer plus our existing catalog on learning soft skills.”

Pascal Debordes, Head of Channels and Alliances at Cegos Group, adds: “We are particularly proud to start this partnership with Coorpacademy. This fast-growing company and Cegos share the same learning & development conviction. Digital transformation and technological breakthroughs are revolutionising jobs and skills. The challenge is even more significant with the global health crisis we are facing, and which will have huge consequences on employment and organizations: millions of employees around the world will have to upgrade or refresh their skills through learning. More than ever, L&D has a crucial role to play. The power and the services provided by the Coorpacademy Learning Experience Platform (LXP) coupled with the innovation and the 18 languages of our Soft Skills catalogue is a premium answer to skills development challenges that companies need to address.”

If you want to discover more about the partnership, it’s here.

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