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Digital Identity and e-Reputation

Each time you use the Internet, you leave information behind. You’re doing a Google search? You’re viewing a Wikipedia article? You’re posting photos on Facebook or sharing publications on Twitter? All these activities leave tracks and provide information about who you are, what you like, do, and consume, etc. The problem is that this information is sometimes fully accessible to the public, and is often difficult to delete. It’s therefore essential to learn how to protect yourself. Don’t panic! This course is here to show you how to gain better control over your online presence.


You will be able to :

  • Distinguish between the different types of information you disseminate online
  • Ensure the privacy of your online activity
  • Reinforce the security of your personal data
  • Chapters:

    • Digital Identity and e-Reputation: Our Online Existence
    • Protecting Your Digital Identity and e-Reputation

    You will be able to :

  • Identify the main methods of online identity theft
  • Understand the right to be forgotten
  • Respond to cyber-harassment
  • Chapters:

    • Online Identity Theft
    • Responding to Online Problems

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