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The fundamentals of risk management

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With the intensification of digital data exchange, the increase in natural disasters, the greater complexity in trade relations due to globalisation, the transformation of communication by social networks, and the loss of confidence due to financial crises, the world is changing, and companies are facing greater risks. Given all this, risk management is now essential. Thanks to this course, you will be armed and ready to face risks of any kind.


You will be able to :

  • Define, evaluate, rank and classify a risk
  • Understand the stages involved in risk management, and its good practices
  • Understand the stakeholders in risk management and the specific role of the risk manager
  • Chapters:

    • Define and identify risks
    • What is risk management?
    • The stakeholders of risk management

    You will be able to :

  • Manage the main strategic risks: new competitors, mergers and acquisitions, reputations and e-reputations
  • Make proficient use of operational risk management tools: insurance, ART, delegation and business continuity plans
  • Make proficient use of financial risk management plans: credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk
  • Understand the challenges of data security, the sources of threats, and protective measures
  • Chapters:

    • Methods for managing strategic risks
    • Tools for managing operational risks
    • Tools for managing financial risks
    • Risks related to information security

    You will be able to :

  • Understand the international frames of reference for risk management: Coso I, II and III, Ferma, and the ISO 31000:2009 standard
  • Appreciate the hierarchy of the French regulatory and legal framework, the role of the Code of Commerce and the supervisory authorities
  • Make proficient use of the key methods of risk management: 6M, event-tree, multi-criteria analysis, and rating grid
  • Know when to use the three techniques of risk management: reduction, transfer and avoidance
  • Chapters:

    • International risk management frameworks
    • The French legal and regulatory framework
    • Risk management methods
    • Risk treatment techniques

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