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Hybrid Working

At a time when we’re all looking for a new work-life balance, a new form of work is emerging: hybrid working. Between working from home or going back to the office, companies must now adapt to the needs of their employees: flexibility, versatility and tailoring, there are many boxes to tick to obtain the ideal work rhythm for everyone. Follow this course to discover the keys and subtleties of hybrid working. So, let’s go!


You will be able to :

  • Understand the specifics of hybrid working compared to working from home or at the office
  • Identify what you need to work with your team well in hybrid mode
  • Know the different communication tools and how to use them
  • Chapters:

    • Hybrid Working: Current Situation and Definition
    • The Specifics of Hybrid Working: Communication Tools and Rituals

    You will be able to :

  • Work out a balanced operating mode with your team
  • Familiarize yourself with asynchronous organization
  • Transmit a hybrid, flexible culture to new recruits
  • Chapters:

    • Developing Interactions for Hybrid and Asynchronous Work
    • Successful Onboarding of New Recruits

    You will be able to :

  • Set up an operating mode that suits everyone
  • Involve each member of the team in a flexible and hybrid operating mode
  • Run your team so as to guarantee commitment and performance
  • Chapters:

    • Rethink the times spent as a group according to the needs of each person
    • The secrets of smart working

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