François Fourcade OriginalThe keys to emancipatory management

The keys to emancipatory management

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In order to become emancipatory and promote fulfilment within the company, management is freeing itself from coercive norms. New technologies, the digital giants, and start-ups are revolutionising professional practices. Furthermore, the work of management experts and Chinese thought offer original ways of thinking about the world of work. How can we introduce these liberating approaches? This course proposes a managerial model transformed by collaboration and innovation.


You will be able to :

  • Understanding how the world of work is being transformed by the knowledge society and the collaborative economy
  • Implementing the “next practices” characteristic of empowering management
  • Working towards employee fulfilment within the company using Theory U
  • Chapters:

    • The changing world of work
    • From coercive management to empowering management
    • Emancipatory management

    You will be able to :

  • Creating an environment conducive to organisational learning
  • Adopting the “start-up spirit” and its revolutionary approach to organisational functioning
  • Understanding the “presencing” model for management attentive to the present moment
  • Chapters:

    • The strengths of learning organisations
    • The startup spirit
    • Managing change with “presencing”

    You will be able to :

  • Harnessing the methods of the GAFAMs to throw off the shackles of classic management
  • Applying key principles of Chinese thought to management
  • Mobilising collective intelligence with new technologies
  • Chapters:

    • Lessons from GAFAM
    • Management and Chinese thought
    • Management and new technologies

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