Challenges OriginalNFTs – The New Digital Gold ?


NFTs – The New Digital Gold ?

At the same time as an upheaval in the worlds of energy and finance, Blockchain technology is shaking up art, fashion and business with NFTs. Ever more possibilities are opening up for artists, collectors and organizations thanks to these Non Fungible Tokens. But what are NFTs exactly? How can you find and trade them? And, above all, what are their applications and implications for the different settings they operate in? Follow the guide.


You will be able to :

  • Know the origin of NFT technology
  • Understand how NFTs work
  • Create, sell, buy and trade NFTs
  • Chapters:

    • NFT: Origins and Definition
    • How to Acquire NFTs

    You will be able to :

  • Understand the impact of NFTs in the spheres of art and fashion
  • Know the implications of NFT technology in the worlds of sports and collections
  • Widen your horizons over the future of NFTs
  • Chapters:

    • NFTs in the Art, Luxury and Fashion Sectors
    • Games, Sports, and Collections: Other Applications of NFTs
    • Prospects for NFTs

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    NFTs – The New Digital Gold ?

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