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Sales Effectiveness

In this course, you will learn that the key to achieving sales effectiveness is a well-designed and well-monitored sales process. All members of a company need to understand how their organization defines sales effectiveness, so that the sales process can be aligned with the company strategy. You will see how to analyze and measure the sales process once the strategy has been decided, in order to determine goals and identify potential shortfalls. Finally, you will learn how to ensure sales success thanks to a customer-centric sales approach.


You will be able to :

  • Build an effective and structured sales process
  • Measure and monitor your sales process
  • Practice a customer-centric sales approach
  • Chapters:

    • Build and Measure Your Sales Process
    • Focus on Your Customer

    You will be able to :

  • Build the strategy you need to focus on your loyal customers
  • Identify the qualities to look for when hiring salespeople
  • Lead and coach your team in order to drive sales
  • Chapters:

    • Build a Strategic Framework
    • Hire and Coach Qualified Salespeople

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